An Introduction to the History of Microsoft Windows 98

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Essay about Microsoft Windows Files Systems

One of the important components of software engineering is the platforms. Each of the different platforms has slightly different requirements and Perfect Customer Concept of maintenance. OS platform statistics. Retrieved March 21,2014 from 9? These products were also made affordable by the introduction of hire purchase agreements which meant that people could buy on credit and repay the cost over a set period of time. Linux Shark. OS platform statistics. As they were beginning with their very first operating system it was necessary for them to develop a file system. And over the years Microsoft has changed their file system as Windows has become more complex and computer hardware becomes faster and more powerful.

The Microsoft operating systems have come to dominate the business and personal computer market. User experience research. The changes Microsoft has made to its files system is charted below on the table below.

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Microsoft’s Diversification Strategy Essay

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