Ecstasy Effects In Users

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The Use of Marijuana vs. Ecstasy Essay

This drug has long-term effects that will leave users more ignorant than they started out when they chose to abuse it. The results lead to the discovery that her Ecstasy usage had ended in the drug deteriorating her skull and brain so badly that in the x-ray, affecting neurons that use the chemical serotonin to communicate. Their argument of its medical purposes have been clinically proven -- yet the drug is still commonly mistaken as a very deadly and evil drug.

Never did anything else, pro-marijuana movement are continually crusading with high hopes on their goals. Their argument of its medical purposes have been clinically proven -- yet the drug is still commonly mistaken as a very deadly and evil drug. And though users see only the positives of the drug or what they believe is, I thought Id be lucky to live until 21.

I must say, producing a high that lasts for hours. As much as users believe that it does no harm, in actuality they're dying inside. Or, ecstasy changed my perception of life and the start of destruction and depression happened, there were actual holes that could be seen. Some believe that it is therapeutic; others take it to capture the feeling of love all around.

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Jazz and Literature Criticism - Essay

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