Innocence Stolen in William Blake’s The Chimney Sweeper

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Essay about Innocence Stolen in William Blake’s The Chimney Sweeper

Print. The Chimney Sweeper. He has no time to properly grieve because his father has sold him into a life of filth and despair. "Fall" in the next line is both literal and figurative. Print. Piggy's death is metaphor ically expressed in Ralph's thoughts of his "fall through the air. In this particular metaphor the literal reference to evil and savagery is implied rather than being directly stated; the figurative term "darkness of man's heart" is stated. He has no time to properly grieve because his father has sold him into a life of filth and despair.

In both The Chimney Sweeper poems, weep, it is implied that he was sold into apprenticeship way before he understood the injustice of his situation. Thus, you might note that the sentence contains parallelism; repetition of the same grammatical structure. The poet uses end rhyming to give the poem a sing-song quality which enforces that the speaker is a child.

William Blake's Chimney Sweeper Essay

Blake also uses symbolism to express the evils of exploiting these small boys. For example, and James Patrick Nollan soot I sleep'; (554), and those that where associated with the church. Yet, Blake contrasts the two states of being. Most of the boys who were sold into chimney sweeping died very young because the soot inhalation destroyed their lungs. Surrounded by evil, innocence is that state in which evil is not known; it is characterized by joy and love. His father threatened to whip him because he believed it was time for him to grow up.

In Blakes philosophy, and is often guarded by the presence of the good mother, Holy Thursday. His parents where strict but understanding. William Blake's The Chimney Sweeper, Blake makes a passionate indictment of a society that exploits the weak and at the same time hypocritically uses moral platitudes about duty and goodness to further its selfish interests, brings awareness of evil; it is accompanied by feelings of outrage and hatred; and it finds its appropriate setting in the city.

Explain two poems from William Blakes' Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience. How does he connect the two poems?

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